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Other at N42.96 E85.65

A car has been parked in front of the driveway of 843 Lake Drive se since last night. Liscense # Dqc 6691
3 days ago

Pothole at 812 Kalamazoo Avenue Southeast Grand Rapids

Lots of deep potholes on Kalamazoo from Franklin to Hall
14 days ago

Other at 15 Holmdene Blvd NE

Vehicle has been parked there for over a week - not complying with odd even rules
14 days ago
Other at 15 Holmdene Blvd NE

Other at 1246 Leonard St NE North East Citizens Action

27 days ago

Pothole at 1404 Leonard St NE

There is a large deep pothole right at entry to Fuller St intersection, when going West on Leonard. My whole right front end dropped down into it- luckily I had stopped and was going slow when the light turned green, or I would have a fl...
about 1 month ago

Other at 43 Carlton Ave SE Eastown

A tan Ford Escort with Texas license plate #DK5V496 has been parked on street for 10 days and not moved. Its completely snowed in and plows can't get to the area. Thank you!
2 months ago

Other at 1307 Knapp St NE

#ADA VIOLATION: Clearly the city of Grand Rapids does not care about enforcing shoveling of sidewalks, which places people in the street. #fail
2 months ago

Other at 549 Ottawa Ave NW Belknap Lookout

Abandoned car. License # BWC8769. It's been sitting here for weeks without moving.
3 months ago

Other at 1136 Barber Ter NW

#232687 can be closed. It's fixed!
3 months ago

Other at 1–99 Burton St SW

Debris in the roadway (from a car accident). Being reported by GRPD Dispatcher Potts/badge #641 (we've been unable to reach anyone by phone thus far this morning).
3 months ago

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