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Other at 919 Davis Ave NW West Grand

Tree branches. Blown down in Thursday early morning storm. Is from tree between the road and sidewalk. Very large limb with what I think are cable wire. Did not effect power. Is on sidewalk in front of 919 Davis Ave NW. My phone# 616-328-...
1 day ago

Other at 41 Caledonia Street Northeast Grand Rapids

The people at 38 Quimby St n.e #1 downstairs threw there old dirty mattress in the trash can across the alley in the middle of the night. Landlord told them to remove it and when the house across the alley got a dumpster they took it over...
21 days ago
Other at 41 Caledonia Street Northeast Grand Rapids

Other at 617 Lincoln Ave NW West Grand

Submitted report #250807 about a dead tree (city planted it last fall). TREE IS ALIVE. Apparently a late bloomer. Please ignore request to replace it.
about 1 month ago

Other at 42 Quimby Street Northeast Grand Rapids

Many peoole in alley and people downstairs at 38 Quimby St n.e #1 are throwing lots or trash in the back yard of this house and side of it. It is overflowing with trash
about 1 month ago

Other at 29 Dean St NW

Resident demolished his porch on his own without a visible permit. No stairs in front door yet. I'm concerned of a safety hazard for mail people and if it's even up to code.
about 1 month ago

Other at 3773 Kimberly Court Southeast Grand Rapids

5 days unmoved car license# BZC9090 silver accord
about 1 month ago

Pothole at Hastings St NE Belknap Lookout Grand Rapids

On Hastings St at North Ave
about 1 month ago

Pothole at 2409 Ridgecroft Ave SE Ridgemoor

in front of 2409 Ridgecroft SE, there are a # of huge potholes. Last week I blew a rire and bent a wheel rim after an encounter.
3 months ago

Other at 1024 Ionia Ave SW

There is a tire in the street on Albany across from #50 Albany
3 months ago

Other at 1417 Blaine Avenue Southeast Grand Rapids

Black chevy #Dkk3695 smashed all in the front been sitting there for months not driveable. The address is 1413 blaine (your location dont pick it up)
4 months ago

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