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Other at 1113 Hoyt Street Southeast Grand Rapids

Vehicle blocking alley for over a day.
OPENED 13 minutes ago #256576

Other at 1983 32nd St SE Grand Rapids

Please pick up a dead skunk laying in the street (against the curb) right in front of my house.
OPENED about 7 hours ago #256525

Other at 333 Wealthy St SW Downtown

Fire hydrant damaged at the Southeast side of the building.
OPENED about 21 hours ago #256503

Other at 800-824 Oxford St SW

Low hanging tree branch scraping top of buses. This is just turning off Oxford onto Dorchester southbound. Please trip. Thank you!
OPENED about 23 hours ago #256490

Other at 1127 Marshall Ave SE

Neighbors truck parked in front of my house, never moves and has expired plates
OPENED 1 day ago #256460
Other at 1127 Marshall Ave SE

Other at 2001-2031 Blaine Avenue Southeast Grand Rapids

Graffiti broken glass trash drugs alcholo
OPENED 1 day ago #256443

Other at 942 South Ottillia Street Southeast Grand Rapids

Broken merry go round
OPENED 1 day ago #256442

Other at Youell Ave SE Eastown Grand Rapids

Wondering if parking infractions could be addressed on Youell Ave. We frequently can't get into our driveway or around the corner as people park into our driveway or where there are "no parking" signs.
OPENED 1 day ago #256434

Other at 523 Union Ave SE

Mysterious Bike dumped in back alley, maybe its stolen?
OPENED 1 day ago #256428
Other at 523 Union Ave SE

Other at 1132 Fremont Ave NW

Wondering if the tree in the easement of my front yard (1131 Fremont Ave NW) can be trimmed. There are several branches that are dead and not producing foliage. Can someone please call me with an update? 616.710.2896. Thank you!
OPENED 1 day ago #256427
Other at 1132 Fremont Ave NW

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