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Pothole at 812 Kalamazoo Avenue Southeast Grand Rapids

Lots of deep potholes on Kalamazoo from Franklin to Hall
about 1 month ago

Pothole at 1404 Leonard St NE

There is a large deep pothole right at entry to Fuller St intersection, when going West on Leonard. My whole right front end dropped down into it- luckily I had stopped and was going slow when the light turned green, or I would have a fl...
3 months ago

Pothole at 100–198 Langdon Ave NE

Ticket #232632 was just closed. There was nothing done here. Street and storm drain is still clogged up. As you can see the road has pot holes and broken asphalt and a ton of loose gravel this drain floods the street every time
8 months ago
Pothole at 100–198 Langdon Ave NE

Pothole at 1025–1029 Clancy Ave NE

This was marked closed but there are still many potholes in the road and the hole reported was not even repaired but my original report is marked closed. If being done soon why not provide feedback for these kind of things. See original r...
10 months ago

Pothole at 114 Union Ave NE Grand Rapids

Called three plus weeks ago.....#223202....still growing. This is in a temporary Miller Pipeline fix from last fall. A second one is starting right in the bike lane.
11 months ago

Pothole at 411 Norwood Ave SE

CLOSED - about 2 years ago #153500 The intersection of wealthy, lake, and Norwood needs to be repaired. I can't keep reporting this. Cars come to a stop and go 3 mph because the road is undrivable. What is the plan for this...
12 months ago

Pothole at 1932 Madison Ave SE

Pothole in street at end of driveway. Street also crumbling and making driveway approach very steep, causing damage to vehicles. Crews added only 1/4" thick layer of cold patch last year. Please pour concrete or asphalt to lessen the angl...
12 months ago

Pothole at 1001-1019 First St NW

#222466 should be 1st St & Lane Ave.
12 months ago

Pothole at 535 Fulton St E Grand Rapids

#222170 should read Westbound on Lake, but can't edit
about 1 year ago

Pothole at 1301–1329 Fisk Rd SE

Dangerous sinkhole
about 1 year ago
Pothole at 1301–1329 Fisk Rd SE

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