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Streetlight at N42.98 E85.69

Streetlight at corner of fifth and Fremont flickers on and off.
OPENED about 5 hours ago #230335

Other at 1035 Bemis St SE Baxter

Disturbing the peace on bemis st in front of the park every night selling drugs and shooting when are the police going to do something about this activity till all times in the morning, making it hard to sleep. But I can't help but to thi...
OPENED about 6 hours ago #230334

Other at 42.95N 85.64W

Huge tree limb down on fence and over public sidewalk.
OPENED about 7 hours ago #230333

Pothole at 1201 North Ave NE

Crumbling pothole approx. 18"x40" near the west side curb. Large pieces are being kicked out into the center of North Ave.
OPENED about 8 hours ago #230332

Pothole at 540 Sligh Blvd NE

Northwest corner of Union and Sligh NE
OPENED about 10 hours ago #230331

Other at 555 Monroe Ave NW

Man living out of his vehicle in North Monroe city lot. White GMC truck with a red topped. Never leaves or pays to be inside the lot! Parked in the south west corner of the lot.
OPENED about 10 hours ago #230328
Other at 555 Monroe Ave NW

Other at 1–9 Fuller Ave NE

There needs to be a "left turn arrow" hanging up at the traffic light AND the "left turn only" repainted on the street going South Bound on Fuller at Fulton. Many people go straight thru the light in the left lane due to poor markings.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #230327

Pothole at 564 Lane Ave NW West Grand

There is a large pothole in the northbound lane right before Lane Street crosses 3rd Street, please fill it in.
OPENED about 13 hours ago #230326

Other at 2426 Brooklyn Ave SE

Standing water on road after it rains since road repair
OPENED about 13 hours ago #230325

Other at 647 Hall St SE Madison Area

Broken water spigot in the north half of Oakhill Cemetery. It's in the NW corner, at the top of the hill. It is gushing water.
OPENED about 14 hours ago #230324

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